This artist doesn’t believe in photo manipulation of the body and strives to change idealized beauty in the fashion industry. In an attempt to promote healthy body image Caroline uses minimal photoshopping on the images and no body warping. 

Professionally, Caroline Ross is a wedding photographer and teaches photography part time at a Vancouver college. Wedding work can be found here.

Artist Statements

In the Middle | Portrait Series

A calming centre composition unites these unique characters. The models in these images are friends of the artist. Ross shows unique personalities through direct eye contact and organic movements and poses. Minimal editing is done to the images to preserve their raw nature and representative of real life.


Artist Statements

My mothers daughter | Portrait Series


A series focusing on the unique relationships between mother and daughter. Living away from her mothers town, the artist recognizes the importance of photographing her short visits with her mother. She has extended this series to include close friends and their mothers as well, many of whom are continents apart.

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Caroline Charlotte Ross

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Caroline Charlotte Ross

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