Redditor’s Meetup in Miami

For the past few years in February I have been meeting up a few other photographers  for a sort of retreat for a few days. We eat, explore and learn for 4 days in a unique location. This year was Miami near the Wynwood District, with lots of artisan coffee, colourful walls (which I only shot with my Iphone) and delightful taco restaurants. I love being inspired by this group of talented photographers and seeing everyones creative perspectives of the same location and subject. Check out our previous years here: 2017  |   2018

Check out some photographers from the meetup:   Kyndall Elliott | David Amos | Emily Amos | Evan Rich | Gabe McMullen |Alex Maxwell 
Alex Xu |   Callum Pinkney  |  Elke Van den Ende  |Alex Bartole | Nicole Nero| Andrew Franciosa | Lindsay Paradiso| Adam Ciccarino


Reddit Meetup miamiThanks to Elke for this shot!Reddit Meetup miamiAirbnb miamiAirbnb miamiAirbnb miamiAirbnb miamiThanks to Adam for this shot!Airbnb miamiAirbnb miamiAirbnb miamiAirbnb miamiEverglades Park

Reddit Meetup miamiReddit Meetup miamiRobert is Here MiamiThanks to Elke for this shot!Everglades ParkEverglades ParkEverglades ParkEverglades Park