Teaching Photography Post Secondary

I am constantly improving my teaching methods and am always seeking more effective means of communicating my knowledge. As I strive to provide an exemplary setting for both learning and personal growth I greatly value any feedback from my students and am very receptive to incorporating new techniques and technologies into my instruction.

As an educator, I am committed to helping students find their own artistic expression and style through a mix of contemporary and traditional teaching methods. With a high regard for diligence and professionalism, I invite a relaxed learning environment where students can focus on nurturing creativity at their own pace. As a working professional in the industry, I am able to teach updated methods and modern techniques as well as help students pivot business to accommodates photograph for new social media networks and markets growth. 

I have had the joy of teaching photography and graphic design programs at a post-secondary level. A few of the programs and courses I have taught include Studio Lighting, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Marketing for Photographers, Business Planning for Photographers, Spatial Organization, Photojournalism, introduction to photography.

Teaching Photograph at colleges and universities Photo by student : Rick Tagama 

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